To ensure that your computer needs are addressed quickly and with great care, we offer personalized sessions.
We take efficiency seriously and offer same day appointments!

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Why We’re Different: The Sales Pitch

Same Day Turn Around

Our personal and business lives run on computers, so it’s hard to be without one for an extended period of time. A number of our services wrap same day so you’re not stuck waiting and can get back to the digital world!

Personalized Experience

We want to earn your trust and repeat business. You’re a client, not a customer. We’re about developing relationships with our clients so you can have a personalized experience. It’s like having your own personal IT guy (or gal).

We Speak Clearly

No fluff, no geek jargon. We speak so you can understand. We’ll break down your problem in a way that everyone can “compute” so you're not stuck misunderstanding what's going on with your computer. We offer clear, direct explanations. You'll get your computer fixed, and learn a couple of new things!

No Pressure

Dealing with us is hassle-free. We won’t sell you on things you don’t need, and we help weigh your options to decide the best move for your technology needs. 

Guaranteed / Warrantied

Our services are warrantied. At our discretion, we won’t charge you again to fix the same problem.

Competitive Pricing

We price by service, not by hour, so you’re not racking up an unnecessary bill. We price compare often, so you’ll find a majority of our services, if not all, are structured so you’ll spend less money than you do with our competitors. 


We are here to provide an experience with our services. It’s about the relationships we build with our clients and the elite level of customer satisfaction.
We consider our customers clients, and our clients, friends


  • In House Tutoring - $99 / hour

  • Remote Tutoring - $69 / hour

  • Web / SEO Consultation - $99 / hour


  • Onsite Repair - $99<

  • Remote Repair Service - $69<

  • In-Store Repair - $59<

  • Printer Setup & Repair - $59

  • Operating System Installation - $89


  • Modem / Router Installation (included with an onsite call) - $99

  • Network Diagnostics - $29


  • Data Transfers - $99

  • Advanced Data Recovery - > $149

  • Catastrophic Data Recovery - Requires Quote

Data Recovery Tiers

Losing your data is scary! The pit in your stomach when you see all your photos, music, and cherrished memories lost by an electronic device.
It’s why we encourage data backup! 

Data recovery is a complex science but we’re here to make the process simple and affordable. We’ve split up data recovery into three simple categories to make the process less nerve racking while informing you of your options. We guarantee safety and privacy with your data recovery, and even better, G. Computer holds one of the most successful data recovery records in the industry. Don’t trust your recovery for the noobs, trust it with the pros. We’re the pros. 

Easy Recovery

  • Accidentally Deleted a file

  • Corrupted Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook File

  • Lost files, but have a backup system in place

Harder Recovery

  • Formated / Deleted a drive

  • External Hard Drive Failure

  • File System Failure

  • Ransomeware Data Encryption (Decrypting Data)

Catastrophic Recovery*

  • Scortched Hard Drive Platter

  • Fire Recovery

  • Solid State or Hard drive wont turn on.

  • Drive making a clicking noise.

Website Building Services

It’s the age of the internet. Everyone should have a website! There’s no need to make it complicated or expensive. We offer competitive pricing with beautiful websites. Below is an example of some of our portfolios. 

Simple - $199

  • Does not include hosting.

  • Up to 3 meetings to change / customize. 

  • Includes 1 main landing page and 2 additional sub pages.

  • Client must provide media they’d like

Less Simple

  • Larger website, probably better for businesses.

  • Includes hosting *yearly fees apply

  • Up to 3 meetings to change / customize.

  • Price based on size of site, starts at $499.


  • Includes hosting and web maintenace services.

  • Fully custom site at any size for your business, store, or personal needs.

*“At, our goal is to provide fast, reliable, and affordable data recovery solutions while providing an outstanding customer experience. Follow the link below to receive a free overnight shipping label to our nearest lab, a free evaluation and a 10% discount.”

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